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Bulk Edit: Add "Delete" option to the suite of tools
1 vote 0 comments
Ability to copy tasks and milestones to and from templates
0 votes 1 comment
Globally Edit Rate Cards Across Different Companies
0 votes 0 comments
Add bulk edit menu feature to all reports
4 votes 0 comments
Task view page and Project Overview page: Utilize/customize white space
4 votes 0 comments
Actual Start and Actual End Dates as Selectable Columns in Report filters.
1 vote 0 comments
Non-Working Days - Resource Allocation Reports
2 votes 0 comments
Add a bulk edit feature at the project level
6 votes 4 comments
Add "Run Report" button to top of all reports
4 votes 1 comment
Enhance Charting capabilities in reporting
3 votes 0 comments
Expense Import
0 votes 0 comments
Custom Field Sort Order
1 vote 0 comments
0 votes 1 comment
Project, Project Request, Approval Home Pages
4 votes 0 comments
New Project Overview Page
1 vote 0 comments
"Is billable" option for PM Approval
2 votes 0 comments
New Project Overview Page
2 votes 1 comment
Recurring Task Bulk Edit Tool
3 votes 0 comments
Search Bar Improvements
3 votes 1 comment
6 votes 0 comments
Resource Peak Loading % in Task List view
5 votes 1 comment
All apporval requests should be approved before a task can be closed
6 votes 3 comments
Ability to Move Native Fields on Forms and Status Pages
4 votes 0 comments
Create Folders for Reports
8 votes 2 comments
Project Request Home Page
1 vote 1 comment
Documents linked to the project level
4 votes 2 comments