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A new Cross Project TASK Gantt chart Planned
5 votes 3 comments
All apporval requests should be approved before a task can be closed
6 votes 3 comments
A Risk Matrix Completed
7 votes 2 comments
Built in Vacation Scheduler Completed
7 votes 3 comments
Ability to Move Native Fields on Forms and Status Pages
4 votes 0 comments
Create Folders for Reports
8 votes 2 comments
Project Request Home Page
1 vote 1 comment
Documents linked to the project level
4 votes 2 comments
Invoice Records - Status "Sent?" renamed
0 votes 0 comments
Automatic Reminder for Time Sheets lesser than 'Time Sheet Min Hours'
1 vote 0 comments
Bulk Create Projects (Through Excel Import)
1 vote 0 comments
Resource Assignment - Filter Tasks By Summary
2 votes 0 comments
Add a "Run Report" button at top of report
2 votes 2 comments
A 'read only' version of Client View User
6 votes 8 comments
Time Entry - Excel Import
2 votes 2 comments
Automated unsubmitted timesheet email Completed
4 votes 5 comments
'Company' Country in Project Report Column
2 votes 0 comments
Project Request form - Project Custom Field Selector
2 votes 1 comment
Project Insight for Microsoft Teams Completed
4 votes 4 comments
Overallocation warning: show tasks in question
1 vote 0 comments
'Username' name instead of First Name and Last Name
1 vote 1 comment
Add ability to bulk edit task names
3 votes 3 comments
Input Control with Icons for Custom Fields
3 votes 0 comments
‘Invoice Note’ Field under 'Time Expense & Billing' Tab
2 votes 0 comments
Notification Bulk Editing
3 votes 0 comments
Update Bulk Edit to Include Time Code Default
3 votes 1 comment
Report of Time Entries Created/Updated Today or on a Specific Date
1 vote 0 comments
'Project Request' form 'Assigned To' Field
1 vote 0 comments
Target Tab Under Project - Track Changes
1 vote 0 comments
Add 'Date' Suffix To The Name Of All Date Related Columns And Fields
1 vote 0 comments