Hide change password option for Active Directory integrated installations


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    Wes Kliewer

    Thank you for noting that Change Password should not be an option for certain authentication configurations. While the error you're seeing is most likely the result of a legacy method of AD authentication, which is easy to upgrade to the current SAML 2.0 configuration, that upgrade will not hide the Change Password option.

    We have requested a change in a future release so that using only a single SAML 2.0 configuration with the "Primary Login" selected, the password change option is hidden. Although we cannot hide the password changing option in the current release, it does not error with the supported SAML 2.0 configuration. Microsoft AD fully supports SAML 2.0 without any additional license fees.

    For more information on the SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on settings, please see Single Sign On Overview article and associated references to configure it in Microsoft AD. You can schedule time with our implementation team to help get it configured once you're ready to make the change to this most common SSO configuration for cloud-based software security.

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