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Summary Task Work Status Control



  • Alex Roman

    Currently, the summary task will show the work status name in the summary task of the Work Status Type that appears last in the Work Status Type drop-down.  This can be controlled by changing the Display Order of your Work Status Types.  In the example in my screenshot the Work Status Type "Finito" will appear as the Work Status Type on a summary task once all items are marked complete.

  • Wes Kliewer

    Alex has noted that part of this request works now. But there are no exceptions if all tasks are the first on the list, as it will still place the last on the list as the summary task value.

    When testing a change to your settings in Work Status, make sure that you force a change to the task list by updating one task work status in the list. That change will force the list to recalculate so that your new rule will display at the summary task level.

    We made a couple of these changes during Office Hours, during which time we learned that not updating a task in the list would leave the same results from the older rule even after refreshing the page.


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